With experience to a perfect stay

Tradition and authenticity perfectly describe us, as we have been taking care of you, our guests, for more than 15 years. We believe in simple things, just like we used to in the past. Do you remember how nice it was when we were greeted with open arms and a smile by our grandparents and served with homemade local delicacies? Unfortunately, times change and we cannot relive those moments over and over again, but we strive and try our best to welcome you with homeliness, warmth, and above all, kindness. Perhaps we can also help your thoughts return to the warm embrace of your grandparents.

Modesty is a virtue

Here you will find a warm and friendly staff, homemade breakfast with local delicacies, and handcrafted solid wood furniture. Next time, when you’ll be in Moravske Toplice, make sure to stop by, as you are always welcome and invited.

Our main mission is to make you feel at home, no matter how far you come from.

Unique handmade furniture

The warm and cozy ambiance is enhanced by our handcrafted solid wood furniture. We still appreciate and believe in hard and quality work, so we choose to equip our rooms with only the most unique pieces of furniture. Anyone who appreciates quality solid wood furniture that lasts and exists for years and years will certainly be able to admire our collection, which can be found in our rooms, hallways, and apartments.

We are very honored to have a member in our immediate family circle who takes care of just about all of this. The handcrafting takes place in our workshop, where our craftsman creates aesthetically appealing and functional pieces of furniture from raw pieces of wood. We do not like to divulge secrets, but this is one of the reasons why our place is adorned with such a warm, comfortable and homely ambiance.

Delicious homemade breakfast

Here, it always smells like home, where we will treat you to a real homemade breakfast! To make the most of your day, start it with a morning meal, which we carefully prepare from quality local ingredients. We either produce our own ingredients or buy them from nearby farms. From a variety of meats, homemade eggs, vegetables, and bread, our guests can find just what they like. Bon Appetit!

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