Relax in beautiful nature, be surrounded by serenity, and rejuvenate your mind and body. Moravske Toplice offers a pleasant and calm environment, full of relaxing and sporting adventures. There are also many sights in its surroundings, that will introduce you to important historical events. When you would like to have a more active day, there is a wide choice of activities such as golf, cycling, and hiking. Not far from Moravske Toplice you can also try adrenaline sports, rafting, and horseback riding. For complete pampering, we also recommend a visit to the thermal spa for which we provide a discount as part of the accommodation.


Murska Sobota Castle

Explore the cultural heritage of Pomurje into one of the most beautifully preserved castle parks in Slovenia and step into the Renaissance mansion, Murska Sobota Castle in the town of Murska Sobota. From the premises of the mansion from the second half of the 16th century, the most beautiful, late-Baroque illusionist manners of a fully painted castle lounge will take your breath away. Check out the magnificent rooms, which also house the Provincial Museum with a cultural and historical collection and a permanent art collection by a local painter, and indulge in imagination or tales about the castle and Count Szápáry, the former owner.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Gornja Radgona Castle

Just off the Austrian border, on the right bank of the Mura River, climb the slopes of the castle hill to Gornja Radgona Castle, which will enchant you with its mighty image and interior rooms. You will enter the great manor from 1775, above the town of Gornja Radgona, through a mighty entrance, where the former drawbridge chain openings are still visible. The main gate, where the knights were waiting for visitors to the castle, is a massive metal sheet panel, and is also decorated with a large, baroque ornamented lock, while the courtyard itself will enchant you with its dominant two-storey central castle building, held by arcades.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Vinarium Tower Lendava

Have you ever seen a landscape spreading over as many as four different countries at once? Climb 50 meters to the top of Vinarium Tower Lendava, which offers a beautiful 360° view of the colorful landscape that extends from the Lendava Hills, where the tower is proudly positioned, all the way to the Mura River basin, and offers breathtaking views of the plains and the hills of Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu


River Mura

With occasional rapids, the Mura river, the soul of Pomurje, leads to the core of the Pannonian world past ships, floating mills, islets, mighty forests, gravel pits and still parts of the river.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Lake Soboško jezero

Lake Soboško jezero near the Expano Pavilion, offers a variety of water and land sports activities.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Rakičan Castle

Equestrian Research Training Center offers a wealth of content for an active vacation.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu


Terme Vivat

The Vivat Spa, located in the idyllic village of Moravske Toplice, is a popular destination for relaxation or actively experiencing nature.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice

Family-friendly hotels and an aquatic paradise for all ages. Let Terme 3000 pamper you with a wide array of entertainment, wellness and health options, as well as golf.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

Terme Lendava

Get pampered at Terme Lendava, you will indulge with a wide range of treatments, tailored to your desires, improving your well-being and restoring vital energy.

SOURCE: www.visitpomurje.eu

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